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Dear Thrive & Shine,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for our son, You have given me HOPE and had made my husband and I feel comfortable in everything you do with Thomas. The first time I saw my therapist I did not even think that you can manage my son, but when you called Thomas to sit in front of you, he payed attention and followed your command like he knew you before. I can not express the impact you have made on our family.  Thomas learned a lof of words and is able to say what he wanted especially those words or phrases that we use everyday. Thomas has developed better eye contact when speaking to us and has awesome listening skills. We feel that you are God sent to our family and we can't begin to show you our gratitude in the way you deserve.

Once again, my family and I thank you for all that you have done. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.

- Grace and Randy, Los Angeles, CA

My friend recommended Thrive and Shine services to us as my son was recently diagnosed with Autism. It was a very scary experience for us and we had no idea about all the services he needed to receive. Besides occupational therapy and behaviorist, we were told that Speech therapy is also necessary. We got a diagnostic evaluation from our Therapist. Her report described my son's needs exactly as he is and was very clear and helpful. She was clearly experienced with children with autism and has helped my son tremendously. His eye contact has increased, he answers questions more appropriately, and likes to hang out with his friends alot more! It has been wonderful! Thank you Thrive and Shine for all you have done for my son.

- Maryam R., Los Angeles, CA

Neda has been my son's speech therapist for the last few months. During this short period of time she has made huge changes in my son's communication. When my son started he had only 10 words that he used but now his vocabulary has increased up to more than 50 and he uses them regularly to communicate his needs to us! It has been so great. As a speech therapist in los angeles, Neda seems very experienced and always provides us with different types of resources to use in order to help our son further his communication skills. She always makes sure that we are involved and that we use the skills at home as well! I can't thank her enough for the change she has made in my son already.

- Juan S., Santa Monica, CA

I cannot sing my praises of thrive and shine any louder! Our therapist was absolutely amazing! She evaluated my 2 1/2 year old daughter because she suddenly had a severe stuttering problem and within two 45 minute sessions she was drastically better! She comes to our home once a week and my daughter gets so excited! She is an absolute pleasure to be around. I am so thankful that we found her! I feel so lucky!

- Jana L., West Los Angeles, CA

Thrive and Shine has given my son his voice. We are so grateful for all they did for our family because they truly help families not just the child that needs help. Our son didn't have any way of communication and now he is signing as well as using words. As a speech pathologist, Liana's experience shines through when she works with our son. She has event provided us with a picture board that my son uses often to communicate his needs when signing or using his word is difficult for him. She describes all the techniques in order for us to use them at home. I definitely recommend Thrive and Shine as a speech and language therapy clinic to whoever has concerns about their child's communication. This was the best decision we made for our son.

- Scarlett S., San Jose, CA

Today was our first meeting with Tanya regarding our 3 yr old son. We met with her to get a therapy evaluation for our son's articulation disorder and based on our meeting I would definitely recommend her. She was very professional and personal and we felt that she had our best interests at heart. She seemed very committed to my son's progress and we are looking forward working with her in the future.

- Ashkan M., Century City, CA

I recently contacted Thrive & Shine about my 4 year old daughter. I was concerned about how she pronounced words especially she couldn't say her R sounds and Teresa took the time to ask questions and provided me with lots of information about what sounds are appropriate for a 4 year old.  She made me realize that a test is not even necessary at this time. But she gave me some strategies at home and encouraged me to follow up later to see how she is doing at a later time. Later she even sent me some information by mail! It was wonderful that she did not push for testing and really just helped out by going out of her way to give inform me! She was wonderful. ​

- Marie H., Westwood, CA

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